Capital Group Implements a Leadership Succession Plan

Timothy D. Armour serves as both a leader and advisor to the Capital Group. Armour is the chairman and CEO of the investment management firm. He has worked in various leadership positions at Capital Group for over 33 years.

His areas of specialization range from portfolio management, executive leadership, equity investment, to global communication management. The rapid growth that Capital Group is currently undergoing is a manifestation of Armour’s personal discipline, ability to learn, and thoughtful leadership.

Academics and Career

Tim Armour pursued his higher education at the Los Angeles-located Middlebury College. He graduated with an undergrad in economic. Immediately after earning his degree, he joined Capital Group as an intern in The Associate Program. After a short stint as an intern, Armour became the equity investment analyst tasked with the duty of managing global communications and service firms located in the U.S.

Tim Armour combines his academic proficiency and experience in investment management to spot market trends and shift and react on time. He is an accomplished equity portfolio manager. He heads the management committees of Capital Research and Management Company as well as Capital Group Management Committee.

Capital Group Board promotes Tim Armour to Chairmanship Position

On July 28, 2015, Capital Group’s governing council hired Armour as chairman. Armour will work hand in hand with other senior members of the firm’s committee, including Phil de Toledo and Rob Lovelace. The leaders will be in charge of coming up with reliable business strategies, communicating, and implementing them. They will also manage the daily affairs of the company.

The Capital Group’s Board developed this leadership succession plan a couple of years ago and executed it following the death of Jim Rothenberg, the former chairman. Various leaders including Armour praised the late Jim for his commitment to achieving the mission of Capital Group of Companies. They promised to honour Jim by dedicating their efforts towards filling the void he had left.

Capital’s Recipe for Success

Capital Group has continued to rule the circle of investment due to the combined talents of all employees who are committed to transforming the firm’s visions into reality. The company’s management committee and its 7,600 associates dedicate their efforts towards upholding the 84-year outstanding reputation of offering field-tested investment solutions to investors.

Statements of Janet Yang, Capital Group’s CFA

Janet Yang applauded Armour for securing such a prestigious position. She said that Tim Armour had already demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities since he joined the company more than three decades ago. According to her, Tim Armour is the perfect candidate for the chairmanship position.

Every Family Gets Their Christmas Visit With Securus

Christmas visits with Securus are incredibly important for everyone, and we have run across several different families who need services from Securus for the holiday season. Securus released their new ad online, and the video speaks of a way that families may come together during the happiest time of the year. We are accustomed to meeting together, and I wanted my dad to be a part of the festivities. This article explains how we are using Securus to fulfill our holiday wishes.


#1: Holiday Meetings Are Difficult


My dad is in prison halfway across the country, and he is in a place where he is simply detached from the rest of us. We talk to him as much as possible, but we cannot drive out there. Securus’ commercial reminds everyone they may place a video call that substitutes for a live visitation. We have shared the commercial with families we have met through the system, and I believe our friends will start their own family meetings using the service.


#2: How Do We Use It?


We use Securus just as the commercial suggests, and we watch the video while talking to my dad. He has young grandchildren over here who wish to see him, and they get excited for the calls we make. I use my phone with a small lever that props it up for each call. The kids can stare at the screen for as long as they like, and the calls go well as we can hear clearly.


#3: I Taught Several Members Of The Family To Use It


Several members of our family know how to use Securus, and we pulled out the nearest phone or tablet for our family meeting. We are continuing the tradition after the holidays, and we have created meetings with the family using the Securus video system. We have been assured all our calls are private. We prefer to keep family business to ourselves, and we are able to do so because Securus has secured their video system.


I enjoy seeing my dad on the camera at least once a week, and we are stepping up our visitations because of the holiday season. I have been more than pleased with the way Securus does their work, and they make me feel as though I have total freedom to speak to my dad. We remained connected, and we never miss out on family time.

Don Ressler Provides For A Ton Of Personalities

Don Ressler is very passionate about fashion. However, there is one thing he knows about fashion. It is that variety is the spice of life. Don is working with a change that is occurring in the fashion industry. This change involves some extra elements in the industry. There are also some markets that are being addressed when it comes to desires of people that are interested in fashion. One of the common issues when it comes to fashion is style. People are always looking for ways to be stylish. However, in order for people to be able to achieve that, it is important for them to be able to come to an understanding of what style is.

Don Ressler is one of those that have an understanding of fashion and style. This is why he is able to supply the needs of fashion. He sees fashion as a method of self expression. He also sees self expression as a right that everyone has regardless of size. However, he understands that a lot of companies do not have any clothes for people beyond a certain size. This is why Don Ressler has decided to work with people who are outside of the size limit.

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As a matter of fact, Don Ressler wants to do more than just provide customers with fashion, he wants to influence the trends throughout the world so that people will have more items to choose from. For one thing, it is important for people to be able to find a style that they feel the best in.

Don Ressler has put together TechStyle so that he is able to influence trends. He is helping to put together a future industry where people are excited to dress up. One thing that could help people get out of their slump is if they put effort in the type of clothes they wear. The feeling of accomplishment they get from the outfit that they put together will translate pretty good to other areas of their lives. Don Ressler is here to influence the changes in the environment of the fashion industry.

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EOS is Becoming a Leader in the Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics are one of the most popular selling products on the market. Out of all the beauty products available, lip balm is the number one seller. Many cosmetics companies are looking for ways to capitalize on the popularity of lip balm. Yet, there’s one company who’s leading the way in lip balm products.

EOS lip balm may be an unknown name to some people, yet there lip balms have become a hit with the Hollywood crowd. Thanks to their innovative lip balms and popularity with Tinseltown starlets, EOS is quickly becoming a leader in the cosmetics industry.

Years ago, was a little known company. The company’s three founders were looking to break into the beauty industry. They wanted to create a lip balm that would be different from the ones currently in stores. After extensive research, EOS created their unique brand of lip balm.

What makes EOS different from other lip balms is their packaging. Most lip balms come in tins, while EOS’ balms come in a pop off tube, which can be easily applied like regular chapstick. Aside from its container, EOS lip balms are made from natural ingredients and comes in a variety of flavors, which is why it’s become a hit with beauty fanatics.

After getting their product to the market, EOS relied heavily on social media ( influence to promote their brand. Thanks to the help of social media and beauty bloggers, EOS has become a success with consumers, making it one of the top companies in eBay and the beauty industry. As their popularity continues to grow, EOS is looking to cement its status in the cosmetics industry by creating new products for their customers.