George Soros: The Big-hearted Post-Democracy Crusader

George Soros is a name synonymous with success, prosperity, philanthropy, and a lover of human kind, despite the many George Soros conspiracy theories published against him in 2010. The self-made millionaire and avid supporter of liberal causes never escape bad publicity, especially with the kind of ideologies he believes in and propagates. Despite the series of controversial George Soros emails that had many anti-Soros supporters crying for his blood, he continues to be a proud Democrat championing for a progressively better world.

Soros Rise to Fame

Soros’ childhood was not a normal one filled with love, laughter and toys, he was born to a Jewish family in 1930, a time when the iron hand of the Nazi was overthrowing European governments and spreading the anti-Semitic propaganda on Soros spent his childhood days dodging Nazi militia under a make-belief name and papers. He probably would have ended up in a Jewish extermination camp but fate had a different story for Soros.

Soros’ youthful years saw him travel to England where he pursued an education and even managed to enroll at the London School of Economics. It is from here that his passion for the stock and financial market grew and George Soros was diligent enough to place himself where it all happened the New York Financial District, Wall Street. Soros learnt the ropes fast and his talent for the financial markets saw him amass a great deal of wealth.

His Philanthropic Course

The terrified little boy who dodged Nazi bullets grew up to become a wealthy public figure constantly championing against anti-Semitism and the promotion of a pro-democratic world. Mention any course that advocates for human rights or exposes blatant oppression and you may find Soros as name on the list of funders. Back in the days, George Soros funded revolutionary groups fighting against communist dictatorial governments in Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia, Croatia, Georgia, Yugoslavia just to mention a few. It’s no wonder Soros has picked up a massive string of Neo-Nazi enemies along the way.

The George Soros emails were rumored to have vivid evidence of the tycoon being a chief funder of radical groups and whistle blowers who were exposing the injustices committed by the Israeli forces. George Soros Wikileaks went into detail about this which was the much needed fuel by Neo-Nazis and the likes of Glenn Beck to finally pin Soros as the “New World Order antichrist.” Glenn specifically painted a bad light on Soros as a “greedy economist trying to bring America down through ludicrous market prices”. In his comical, exaggerated, and somewhat misinformed shows, Glenn spat venom on Soros for “unforgivable crimes” like supporting US Democratic and their progressive agendas to a hyperinflation attempt on the US consumer market.

Despite the 2010 George Soros Conspiracy to bring US to its knees and “dehumanize” the Israeli nation, the Jewish tycoon endeavors to be a loyal Democrat and a human rights crusader who calls out oppression where he sees it and constantly champions for the betterment of human life. Regardless of the George Soros Wikileaks or emails propaganda, Soros remains an advocate for human rights and the crusader of a unified world void of oppression.

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Thor Halvorssen Explains His Love Of People

Thor Halvorssen is one of the world’s best known human rights activists after spending most of his life fighting for the rights of those living in closed societies and under oppressive rule. Halvorssen is not one to sit back and whine about the issues facing the people of the world; instead, the Venezuelan born film producer has looked to assist others by surrounding himself with those who understand the problems facing oppressed people.

One of the main areas Thor Halvorssen has looked to improve the lives of others has been in his approach to the leadership of the Human Rights Foundation, which was established by Halvorssen in 2005. After spending a large amount of time exploring those he felt could lead the group in the right way Halvorssen appointed Vaclav Havel as the first President, upon the death of Havel Halvorssen looked to another agitator he felt could bring success to the Human Rights Foundation in the shape of former chess champion Gary Kasparov. The HRF is now led by Gary Kasparov, who has been a major opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin and has been imprisoned for his opposition of Putin’s rule.

Thor Halvorssen has been looking to bring his own interests to the attention of the people of the world for a number of years and has formed a number of not for profit groups to help others with similar interests. To expand the role of the film industry in helping those facing problems with their human rights Thor Halvorssen created the Moving Picture Institute, which is dedicated to creating both fiction and non-fiction movies focusing on human rights issues.

Despite his impressive position on human rights and as a commentator for many mainstream news media organizations Thor Halvorssen showed his political awareness by purchasing the traditional left wing Norwegian newspaper Ny Tid in 2010. Often seen as an anarchist publication the purchase of the newspaper showed the many complex sides to the political life of Thor Halvorssen.

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JustFab Rises to Success as Other Subscription Services Fail

According to an article in the LA Times JustFab is rising to success as other online subscribition services are starting to fail and burst the bubble. JustFab recently reached the coveted “Unicorn” status, which means that the startup recently recieved 1 billion in a recent round of fundraising.

Just Fab is an online subscription based retailer that has carved out a niche by offering disount handbags, shoes, and clothing to it’s members. These members are currently 4 million in number and growing. The company attributes it succeess to never sending a customer something they did not pick themselves.

The success JustFab comes at a time when other subscription based services are struggling. The success and growth of subscription based services largely rests on their abiltity to aquire new customers, something few other companies seem to be able to do. Groupon, for example, was widely recieved when it first hit the market, but lately the response from customers has been lukewarm and growth seems to have petered out.

Fortunately, JustFab does not seem to have suffered from the same fate as these other services. In fact, the company is growing and expanding at an incredible rate.

In the last few years, JustFab has expanded into offering clothing, in addtion to the shoes and handbags it first built the brand on. Recently the CEO of the company, Adam Goldberg said that the company was heading towards becoming an IPO.

In fact, an exectutive who specializes in IPO’s, Todd Tapin, was recently brought on. This is further proof that the company is serious about planning about going public, something few subscription based online start-ups have been able to do. Regardless of what direction the company takes, it is clear they are doing well. Learn more about JustFab:

JustFab has built its success by offering customers a product that they want. Every month new handbags, shoes and clothing are adding to the line of high quality and affordable clothing and accessories.

Members fill out a quick survey upon joining this subscription based service, and are offered a selection of items customized to thier style preferences. Of course, they never have to buy anything they don’t want.

Overview of the SEC Whistleblower Attorney Program

The enactment of Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act by Congress in 2010 signified the greatest overhauling of the U.S. financial regulations from the time when Great Depression occurred. This act brought about a number of important reforms including the whistleblower program that is new and offers financial incentives and employment protections that are significant. These incentives are aimed at enabling more individuals to report any possible federal securities laws’ violations to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

The firm of Labaton Sucharow became the first in the country in establishing a practice that exclusively focuses on the protection and advocating for the SEC whistleblowers in line with the enactment of the historic legislation. The firm has a leading platform for securities litigation in the market and it is on this platform that it seeks to build the Whistleblower Representation Practice. The firm has a team of world-class financial analysts, forensic accountants and investigators that have enforcement experience in both state and federal law. This will ensure that the firm offers an unmatched representation for the whistleblowers. Jordan A. Thomas, formerly the assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and Director at the SEC’s Enforcement Division, leads the practice. He played an important role in the Whistleblower Program development especially in drafting the proposed legislations and final implementation of the rules.

SEC is supposed to pay all the whistleblowers that are eligible a 10-30% of the total monetary sanctions it collects as a result of successful enforcement by the SEC or sanctions that exceed the $1 million mark. If the threshold is met then the whistleblowers will also be eligible for other additional awards that will be based on the monetary sanctions netted in actions brought about by other law enforcement and regulatory organizations. Employers are prohibited from retaliation against whistleblowers that make reports to the SEC according to the rules of the program. It is also possible for whistleblowers to make reports about any possible security violations anonymously especially if they are represented by a counsel.

Contacting the SEC Whistleblower Program
When you need to contact or reach the SEC Whistleblower Program or request to have a case evaluation, there are a number of ways that you can do it. You can use email, telephone or even electronic submission via their website. All the initial case evaluations and consultations will be free, protected by confidentiality and attorney-client privilege. Individuals contacting SEC ought not to disclose any information that may identify them or the identities of the possible security violators. There are translation services offered for the international whistleblowers.

How to Get a Better Reputation for More Success

Consumers in the modern world can be quite fussy. As a result, having a good reputation is as important as whatever services you offer. With the rise of social media, any careless mistakes can ruin the business forever. Malicious rumors can reach millions in a matter of hours, bringing down an empire that took years of hard work and sacrifice to build. It also applies to people looking for a job. Most companies now invest in individuals who check up on your online activities. If you have a bad reputation, it may cost you a job.

How to Fix Your Reputation

Many online companies offer Online Reputation Management. Their job is to ensure that you present an image to customers and employers they can like. In addition, these companies help to promote you as a brand. These services can greatly affect your future success as a business or an employee.
These companies are also important in alerting you of fraudsters. They will help you learn if other people are misappropriating your brand or identity. Before hiring an ORM firm, you need to question what they offer you. Ensure that it is within the goals you want to achieve. A good ORM company is one that is open about what they will help you achieve. Otherwise, your time and money may go to waste.

Better Reputation

Better reputation is an experienced company in the area of Online Reputation Management. Most employers get to know you before you shake hands. As a result, they form an opinion based on what they see about you online. The same also applies to potential business partners and investors.
Better Reputation is a US-based company that sources all its employees from within the country. The company offers its clients money back guarantees if a job takes longer than agreed. The company uses many methods to ensure that they tell a positive story about you.


Your reputation is as important as your investment. With the internet, guard it carefully. Just to be sure, hire an online reputation Management firm like better reputation. Never leave anything to chance. It might give you the edge you need over the competition.

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A Hair Adventure With Wen by Chaz

We’ve all been given a head of hair, and though some men lose theirs, the fact is that for a woman, great hair is really important. Beautiful hair gives a woman a lot of cache in the world, beauty-wise, which is why my lank, oily hair has always been so frustrating for me. I had pretty much given up on things ever improving, but I decided to go on a hair care adventure. I even wrote about it on
My adventure started when I heard about a new hair product line called WEN by Chaz Dean. This natural, organic shampoo and conditioner line was created by Chaz Dean in response to the many requests he had from his salon clients for hair care products that were natural and effective in cleaning and restoring hair’s luster.

I chose the Sweet Almond Mint scent, and it smells just fantastic. I used it for several days, always using a large amount with each washing. Within a few days I definitely saw results. My hair felt lighter and more manageable, and I started getting compliments from friends. I was so thrilled, and my hair felt great.

I love the way my hair looks and feels now, and I plan on continuing to use Wen by Chaz. I want to try some of the other scents, too, like Fig.

My adventure in hair care really paid off, and I’m glad I took the leap of faith. I can’t wait to try more of the wonderful products available from Wen by Chaz. Wen by Chaz products are available on high end cosmetics stores like Sephora. It can also be purchased online through Amazon.
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Doe Deere Lures Customers

Doe Deere has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs when it comes to cosmetics on a small to medium size businesses scale. She has managed to compete in a major way because she has been able to captivate her audience. That is one of the most important things that entrepreneurs want to do when they’re trying to sell a product. With Lime Crime there is a social media frenzy, and millions of subscribers are able to follow this brand on Instagram.

Doe Deere is the person that has launched the brand, and she has put her time into staying connected with the customers. That is an invaluable relationship that makes her very loyal to her fans.

The majority of people that are trying to find a different brand will recognize the value of the uniqueness of Lime Crime. This is the type of brand that has become an asset to all that are trying to capture different types of shades.

Doe Deere has been able to build a fan base and expand her brand. She has made it her goal to move her company in the right direction by creating a novelty brand. You cannot get it everywhere. Some of her shades are exclusive. Certain shades can only be found on the website. That is something that has made people love her. She presents herself as a strong person that knows that she is delivering quality. She is very excited about what she is going in the cosmetics world, and that has made her successful. She likes her job and she is focused on the customers at all times. The quality, lipstick shade colors, marketing and social media communication is all part of her dedication to the customer.

Doe Deere is a crucial part of the cosmetics industry. She had elevated her game by constantly presenting new shades. She stays connected to the customer and keeps fresh products on the market. This has allowed her to steal customers away from the bigger companies. She may have a small company, but she has a lot of heart. She is making her mark on the industry in a major way even though she may not have the same advertising dollars that major corporations have.

She doesn’t have to use large sums of advertising money to advertise. She stays connected with customers through personal communication. This is free and much more effective.

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