Why White Shark Media Listens

Any new business or newcomer to an industry will have complaints from customers. Those that work with customers to resolve these complaints move up and forward in the industry.

Those who refuse to work with customers, believing that these complaints will resolve themselves, find themselves left in the dust as other companies find ways to resolve those same complaints.

White Shark Media – an AdWords campaign company – is one of the former companies – one who worked through their customer complaints with the customers. Read more: https://twitter.com/whitesharkmedia and https://plus.google.com/+Whitesharkmedia

In fact, they have kept a record of a few of these complaints and the fixes on their blog. The entry chronicles a few of the typical complaints they’ve had, and what they have done to fix it.

One of these complaints is that customers felt like the communication was not enough. When White Shark Media began, customers felt that having to go through a receptionist to get a hold of their contact person was too frustrating and difficult to be effective in the long run.

So, the company created a phone system with extensions that’ll link the customer directly to their contact person. They also have a GoToMeeting option for online meetings with the SEM Strategist on the customer’s team.

Another issue the company ran into was that customers were unsure of how to track their performance. So, White Shark Media got busy making sure that the customers could easily track their AdWords campaign.

They have an in-house process. Part of this process is an inclusion of call tracking and conversion tracking, both free of charge. In some cases, Google Analytics can be installed free of charge as well.

However, all of these are added to make sure that customers keep track of their AdWords campaign with little to no fuss after creating it.

Along those same lines, a complaint they would receive was that they had “lost touch” with a campaign.

Now, every new client is given a thorough introduction to the campaign, the controls, and everything in between. Now, clients are able to see reports and progress with very little hassle.

White Shark Media has handled complaints very well, ensuring that they had some success from the beginning. As the company grows, these fixes must be at the clients’ fingertips every day, all day.