Taking long trips to jails can be hectic, time-consuming, and costly. Thanks to secures technology. I can now talk with my loved ones behind bars on live video.
Securus visitation enables us to visit our incarcerated family members from the comfort of our houses (Watch this Youtube video to further understand). You just schedule your video visit online in advance and wait. There are two types of secures visitation:

At-home visitation
Here we visit inmates remotely using a computer with a webcam. You are required to create an account with securus online.

Onsite video visitation
This one is similar to the traditional through the glass visitation. The Securus accessory here helps us to schedule our visitation time when it best suits us. Online video visitation helps save the time wasted on long queues.
The restructure of securus is responsible for the upgraded the user interface to the recent online technologies. It retained the robust analysis we are familiar to. With the redesign threads are now easier to use and the system as improved in performance.
The threads 3.1 upgrades the software boards to HTML 5, it also allows the integration of other securus accessories. Securus Technology is now an important investigation tool.
These threads have other features for example; it can listen to SCP calls, write critical reports, and guide real time analysis.

The securus technology is reviewed by PR Newswire‘s expert team as an excellent addition to the legal world. It aids in the investigation and a communication tool for inmates. Inmates can now be in contact with the outside world more frequently.

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