IAP Worldwide Services Acquires two new Businesses to expand its operations

IAP Worldwide uses a combination of technology and experienced team to offer support to civil businesses and government organizations in the United States and its allies to enable them to operate effectively in diverse environments. This support comes in various ways which include, expeditionary infrastructure, aviation and Engineering Solutions, Information Technology and communications and power solutions.

The first line of support IAP Worldwide gives customized for non-governmental institutions, energy firms, and their customers to operate in remote locations. In this line, IAP construction, infrastructure solutions, and disaster management coupled with an experienced team which is committed to providing services satisfied the customer needs supports the NGOs to continue operations in disaster locations.

The second support IAP provides is the temporary and permanent power services. This keeps projects running even when there is power interruption r caused by disaster strikes. IAP offers this temporary power support through collaborations with their customers and manufacturers to help them design install and operate dual fuel, hybrid, and renewable energy systems.

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Thirdly, IAP offers Aviation and Engineering solutions. In this support system, IAP seeks to keep and sustain aircraft activities by upgrading, acquiring new parts and do repairs and give enhancement of automatic test tools and test solution to airlines and aircraft. To achieve the aviation support provision, IAP uses their technical experts who do development and or digitization, engineering services, upgrades aviation hardware and software and the logistical help to aviation players.

Lastly, IAP gives support in IT and communications taking the continuous technological changes, to provide high–tech solutions that upgrade the United States’ and those of its friend’s capabilities in various technical areas.

Recently, IAP has been poised to improve, upgrade and expand its scope in support services provision. To do this, the IAP has since acquired two more businesses; DRS Technologies an Oklahoma-based aviation and logistics business and the Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business (TCNS) based in Aberdeen Proving Ground (ALEXANDRIA, Nov. 5, 2015). The acquisitions are a major boost to the IAP’s diverse service support given that MD.A&L provides aircraft repairs management and logistical support while TCNS adds on the engineering, IT and communications support solution that IAP has been providing to The U.S Defense Agency. Moreover, the acquisition of A&L and TCNS will strengthen the IAP muscle and give it an impetus in its long-term growth strategy.

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Why White Shark Media Listens

Any new business or newcomer to an industry will have complaints from customers. Those that work with customers to resolve these complaints move up and forward in the industry.

Those who refuse to work with customers, believing that these complaints will resolve themselves, find themselves left in the dust as other companies find ways to resolve those same complaints.

White Shark Media – an AdWords campaign company – is one of the former companies – one who worked through their customer complaints with the customers. Read more: https://twitter.com/whitesharkmedia and https://plus.google.com/+Whitesharkmedia

In fact, they have kept a record of a few of these complaints and the fixes on their blog. The entry chronicles a few of the typical complaints they’ve had, and what they have done to fix it.

One of these complaints is that customers felt like the communication was not enough. When White Shark Media began, customers felt that having to go through a receptionist to get a hold of their contact person was too frustrating and difficult to be effective in the long run.

So, the company created a phone system with extensions that’ll link the customer directly to their contact person. They also have a GoToMeeting option for online meetings with the SEM Strategist on the customer’s team.

Another issue the company ran into was that customers were unsure of how to track their performance. So, White Shark Media got busy making sure that the customers could easily track their AdWords campaign.

They have an in-house process. Part of this process is an inclusion of call tracking and conversion tracking, both free of charge. In some cases, Google Analytics can be installed free of charge as well.

However, all of these are added to make sure that customers keep track of their AdWords campaign with little to no fuss after creating it.

Along those same lines, a complaint they would receive was that they had “lost touch” with a campaign.

Now, every new client is given a thorough introduction to the campaign, the controls, and everything in between. Now, clients are able to see reports and progress with very little hassle.

White Shark Media has handled complaints very well, ensuring that they had some success from the beginning. As the company grows, these fixes must be at the clients’ fingertips every day, all day.


Taking long trips to jails can be hectic, time-consuming, and costly. Thanks to secures technology. I can now talk with my loved ones behind bars on live video.
Securus visitation enables us to visit our incarcerated family members from the comfort of our houses (Watch this Youtube video to further understand). You just schedule your video visit online in advance and wait. There are two types of secures visitation:

At-home visitation
Here we visit inmates remotely using a computer with a webcam. You are required to create an account with securus online.

Onsite video visitation
This one is similar to the traditional through the glass visitation. The Securus accessory here helps us to schedule our visitation time when it best suits us. Online video visitation helps save the time wasted on long queues.
The restructure of securus is responsible for the upgraded the user interface to the recent online technologies. It retained the robust analysis we are familiar to. With the redesign threads are now easier to use and the system as improved in performance.
The threads 3.1 upgrades the software boards to HTML 5, it also allows the integration of other securus accessories. Securus Technology is now an important investigation tool.
These threads have other features for example; it can listen to SCP calls, write critical reports, and guide real time analysis.

The securus technology is reviewed by PR Newswire‘s expert team as an excellent addition to the legal world. It aids in the investigation and a communication tool for inmates. Inmates can now be in contact with the outside world more frequently.

More info posted on http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-meets-with-justice-department-and-fbi-to-review-potential-illegal-activities-within-the-inmate-telephone-marketplace-300262288.html.


Beneful Dog Food

Few dog food brands in the world today have the brand recognition of Beneful. The company owned by Nestle Purinastore is successful because it has a variety of dog food brands and treats [see: https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/] that pets enjoy. Owners usually see a health benefit to switching to Beneful, and the prices are competitive within the industry. With a growing focus on health, many people want their pets to eat as healthy as possible. Beneful has the flavors that dogs enjoy, and they also have nutrients the pets need.

Organic Dog Food

Beneful has a line of organic dog food options for owners. Organic food is generally healthier and more expensive than typical dog food. Over a period of time, owners should see a health benefit in their pets when eating organic food. A lot of people are willing to pay more for their pet to eat healthy. Beneful has a variety of flavors in the organic food line.

Gravy Flavors

Beneful was the first pet food company to launch a gravy line. The gravy is baked into the actual food, and dogs can get extra flavors while they are eating. Studies show that this is one of the best pet food flavors in terms of taste. A lot of pet owners want their pets to enjoy the eating process. Beneful has the products that pets enjoy, and owners can rest easy knowing that the food is safe.


A lot of dog food on the market today lacks essential vitamins and nutrients. Pet owners all over the world are concerned with the nutrition of their pets. Beneful infuses its dog food with vitamins and nutrients essential for long term health. Many pets are lacking in this area, and buying the right dog food can help considerably. Beneful is the world leader in pet food, and with all of their product options offered on Wal-Mart it is easy to see why.