Securus: Making Safety Easier Everyday

Securus is a Dallas, TX based company that focuses on providing emergency response, incident management, public information, investigation services, biometric analysis, inmate communication and information management, inmate self-service and the monitoring of these services to create a more safe world to live in. They provide services to over 3400 public and law enforcement agencies and more than 1.2 million inmates across the nation, appropriating the expanded leadership of Securus.

Securus is already successful with its wide range of services, but recently have updated their technology that has further cemented them as the number one. Their new update to THREAD 3.1 makes the user interface more user friendly by turning it into a web based interface that is much easier to use while encompassing the same detailed analysis that agencies are used to having. By accomplishing this they have eliminated redundant actions and made the navigation through the software very easy to train on. Important records are easier to access and that alone enhances system performance.

One of the biggest bonuses of the patented 3.1 update is the ease of integration between Securus products such as the inmate phone calls monitoring system, or the Secure Call Platform (SCP). This is a huge improvement with the investigators because it requires a minimum amount of training and provides the investigators much needed support to assist with obtaining vital information quickly and efficiently.

The THREAD 3.1 has also provided many other new features, like the ability to listen in on SCP calls withing the application. It also includes real-time analysis, context-sensitive reports and more detailed mapping and printing. The biggest part of the updates is that the upgrade is free. That on top of all the new key features puts Securus at the top.