Improving Wikipedia Writing and Editing Skills

Everybody who has ever contributed to Wikipedia in one form in another already knows that it is difficult to have edits to be accepted some times, and much more hard to get an entire new article written and approved. Moderators always have to look over new submission, and many people feel like they shouldn’t try writing on Wikipedia anymore.
This common rejection and revision is because the writers are probably not familiar with the format on Wikipedia or all of the rules. Here are a few tips that everybody should know before they start writing Wikipedia articles.

Always be short in writing. Never try to extrapolate on things that do not directly adhere to the topic at hand. People want Wikipedia articles to be short so they can readily access the information that they are looking to access.

Learn the format that an encyclopedia should be in because all of the articles on Wikipedia are supposed to be similar to an encyclopedia. Either a writer can look at Wikipedia to learn the correct format, or they can look at a modern encyclopedia to learn what the correct format of a Wikipedia work.

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Images should be near the text that is being portrayed or depicted by the picture. Do not put a picture in an area where it does not make sense to put it. If you are putting the picture in the article to educate readers, make it near the text that it correlates to.

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The Wikipedia Manual of Style is very important to read. Many writers do not look over the rules, guidelines, suggestions, and tips that all Wikipedians need to look over. This is a very important part of learning the correct form.