Nobilis Health Expresses Track Record 3rd Qtr Results

Northstar Healthcare, as part of their planned expansion of services and facilities has changed their name to the Nobilis Health Corporation. President of Nobilis Health Corp, Harry Fleming explained the name change as an avoidance in confusing companies and organizations using the Northstar name for services and products in the United States. The stock symbol TSX is used for trading. Northstar/Nobilis owns, operates, and manages at least five surgery centers in Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, and Scottsdale, AZ. Northstar/Nobilis also owns and oversees an acute care hospital in Houston, TX, two imaging facilities and an urgent care clinic in Houston, TX. Nobilis has a strong track record in mergers and acquisitions, recently acquiring 60% of the former Freedom Pain Hospital in Scottsdale, AZ. Investment analysts are quoted as saying, and Nobilis is viewed as an undervalued investment in an arena that is constantly growing in demand. The third quarter results indicated a rapid growth with record revenues of $17.2 million. Nobilis Health is building on their marketing campaigns through website expansion of information, local marketing, improved in-house call center, combining professional marketing tactics, Facebook and recruiting professionals to drive each of the programs to success. Increase social media and mobile media usage and patient feedback. Nobilis plans to create educational materials for patients bringing awareness of specific diseases and illnesses, detailing the symptoms, so the public is educated about their illness and treatments detailed for their assistance and recovery. Nobilis Health Care has designed and planned call centers to build health guides for patients engaging them in helpful guidance through their recovery or learning experience.

Quest Ventures Issues Acquisition Proposal To Slyce, Inc.

In 2014, a Toronto based startup called Slyce, Inc. raised more than $10 million in capital to develop a new visual search on technology for retail use. The algorithm they developed collects a mountain of data regarding minute features of almost any product or object and then matches it with millions of online images to create a match. Obviously visual search technology is not a new thing, but Slyce’s revolutionary algorithm takes it to a whole new level.

Slyce’s algorithm allows it to measure and sift through a mountain of individualized features to come up with an exact product match – from the length of a belt loop to the distance between two buttons. Slyce technology relies on features that are fixed and do not change on a product, and yet are unique to that individual product. In 2014, they tested their product with 6 of the top 20 retail chains in the US and are reported to have contracts with as many as 10 of the top 20 chains.

But retailers are not the only ones showing an avid interest in what Slyce has to offer. In mid-November 2015, Slyce, Inc. Board of Directors received a letter from James Beals, CEO of Quest Ventures – a private venture capital company – offering 85 cents per share, in cash, to acquire the company. That price represents a premium of greater than 485.17% over the unaffected common stock price of Slyce, Inc. as of the day before the letter was sent.

Beals has made it clear that his intention is to grow the Slyce, Inc. valuation as a private company and to further invest $35M for R&D. He believes that Slyce offers unique applications for both commercial and defense based use. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to reach Slyce CEO Mark Elfenbein, Beals issued a letter directly to the Slyce, Inc. Board of Directors stating his intentions to acquire Slyce, Inc. and what it was he had to offer. He stated that his preference would have been to be able to work with Slyce on a “confidential and cooperative basis” but had been unable to open meaningful channels of communication with Slyce, Inc.

As of yet, Slyce, Inc. has not responded to Quest Venture’s offer, but it’s not hard to envision the many military applications that could be developed from Slyce’s technology. While there has been no direct indication of this, that could potentially be the reason for reticence on the part of Slyce, Inc. to respond to Quest Venture’s offer.

Improving Wikipedia Writing and Editing Skills

Everybody who has ever contributed to Wikipedia in one form in another already knows that it is difficult to have edits to be accepted some times, and much more hard to get an entire new article written and approved. Moderators always have to look over new submission, and many people feel like they shouldn’t try writing on Wikipedia anymore.
This common rejection and revision is because the writers are probably not familiar with the format on Wikipedia or all of the rules. Here are a few tips that everybody should know before they start writing Wikipedia articles.

Always be short in writing. Never try to extrapolate on things that do not directly adhere to the topic at hand. People want Wikipedia articles to be short so they can readily access the information that they are looking to access.

Learn the format that an encyclopedia should be in because all of the articles on Wikipedia are supposed to be similar to an encyclopedia. Either a writer can look at Wikipedia to learn the correct format, or they can look at a modern encyclopedia to learn what the correct format of a Wikipedia work.

Get Your Wiki writes and translates articles for people who need an article written but simply do not have the time to write or maybe their time would be better served elsewhere. Most all people can afford Get Your Wiki, especially people who run businessesd or websites and need content for their page on Wikipedia so more people can find more about it.

Images should be near the text that is being portrayed or depicted by the picture. Do not put a picture in an area where it does not make sense to put it. If you are putting the picture in the article to educate readers, make it near the text that it correlates to.

Get Your Wiki is great for people who are not very familiar with the format of Wikipedia. Clients are even able to write their own articles and send them to Get Your Wiki for approval. Get Your Wiki can be contacted at and is guaranteed to give you a free quote in no more than one business day.

The Wikipedia Manual of Style is very important to read. Many writers do not look over the rules, guidelines, suggestions, and tips that all Wikipedians need to look over. This is a very important part of learning the correct form.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Line Is Really Making Moves

Most girls today that know about fashion know about Doe Deere and her cosmetic line Lime Crime. For those that don’t, may be time to jump into the twenty-first century. Lime Crime has become one of the leading makeup companies for young woman on the market today, known mostly for its other worldly colors. Doe Deere continues to make a name on pinterest for herself by adding onto her product line regularly. Lime Crime has become a very successful business venture, no matter how you look at it. It has established Doe Deere as a leading public figure on the internet over the past couple of years, and there seems to be no end in sight for the young business owner. 

Ask just about any young woman today about her top ten role models, and Doe Deere will be on that list. It should come as no surprise, since she has become a tower of entrepreneurship that is unmatched by most. Many times, the fame has nothing to back it up, other than beauty. This simply just isn’t the case with Doe Deere. Even though she has the modeling chops from ideamensch to make just about any woman jealous, she knows how to back it up with substance. 

Coming from a background in other realms of fashion, whether it be clothing design or product modeling, Doe Deere has truly paved her path towards success in today’s world of beauty. She has made her image from the ground up, causing many to look up to her business model and follow in her lead. Setting the standard in quality makeup and other cosmetics, there truly is much more to come from Doe Deere. 

When asked about her next move, she stated that she is planning to branch out her Lime Crime line to extend to hair dye colors as well. This is great news for her current customers that depend on her unique color schemed products to complete their look. As she put it, they will be colors for unicorns, and their unicorn hair. When it comes to out of this world color, she seems to be doing it best. 

It really is inspiring to see a young, successful woman aiming high and reaching her goals as Doe Deere has over the past few years. Although it has been a long road for her, it seems to have really paid off in numerous ways, which is great. If more women followed their dreams as she has, just imagine where the modern world would be taken. Doe Deere has proved that she is a force to be realized, and for good reason. She did not simply bow down to the corporate cosmetic world, nor the modeling industry. She simply used what she had to make a mark in this world and that is the plain and simple message. Never live the life you’ve been told that you have to. Own your unique gifts and share them with the people of this world so that they may realize their own.

Beneful: Genius Marketing, Genius Food

The idea of Rube Goldberg machine has been used in several attempts at advertising with many different companies. A Rube Goldberg machine is a contraption or over-engineered simple machine that accomplishes a small task in a very complicated way. Typically, and in the case of the ad for Purina’s Beneful dog food, this task is completed by a chain reaction. Purina’s brand, Beneful, certainly raised the stakes at their attempt when they added over half a dozen dogs to the mix.

Recording this advertisement required a long day of hard work and several takes. The result makes a great pitch for Beneful, though, because it catches the onlooker’s attention by incorporating the adorable factor of dogs with the scientific factor of simple machines.

Beneful on yahoo is a high quality and popular brand of dog food made by Purina. They produce wet dog food and dry dog food, as well as dog treats. Beneful is one of Purina’s most profitable brands, due to its popularity.

Beneful came on the market in 2001. It has since been marketed on the basis of its high nutrition for dogs, as well as its attractive appearance. Purina made this product actually look like real beef stew, so it was not only appealing to the dogs, but also to the owners. The company has since upgraded their facilities to increase their production of wet dog food and dog treats as well. Their wet food is served in a container that can actually be used as a dog bowl and has a resealable top, so it can be given just a little at a time. The food is meant to be “humanized” as people see their pets as part of the family.

Another marketing tactic that Beneful has released along with their Goldberg Machine ad, is a series of scented posters. This was done in Germany, and it was designed to attract dogs to approach the posters, due to their scent of dog food. In addition to this, Beneful began airing tv ads in Austria that incorporated high pitch noises. These were at a level that only dogs could hear, so like the posters, these ads elicited a response from dogs. A fun marketing tactic used in New York was the introduction of interactive billboards. These were released to allow people to play a game of virtual fetch in the subway station. Users are engaged by customized dogs that will follow them through the station.

Beneful’s high quality marketing tactics matches their high quality product. With variations for any type of dog, including taste and texture, Beneful is a great cost-effective way to feed a family pet.