Feed Your Dog Like A King, Choose Purina!

They say dogs are a man’s best friend and it’s not hard to understand why! A dog is a lifetime companion who expresses such loyalty to leave a lasting impression in our hearts. For this reason, they deserve to be fed like royalty. Treat your pup to the royal dynasty of dog food also known as Purina.
The Purina brand has been around for the last eighty years creating a trusted household name for itself. I know I speak for my two pups when I say the proof is in the pudding; Purina dog food offers a variety of proteins such as beef, chicken, lamb and even pork! The brand does a great job catering to all types and sizes of dogs. All I have to do is read the ingredients located on the back of the bag to ensure the ingredients are of the highest quality. As a pet owner myself, I find the most satisfaction in knowing that my dogs are being fed the best of the best!
What I like most about the Purina Beneful dog food brand is that I can easily switch up the flavors for my dogs so they never get bored. I often ask myself what it’s like to be a dog and taste the same food day after day. How boring would that be? I’m sure these thoughts never cross their mind, but I like to treat them to different flavors and expand their palette.
Speaking of treats, once a week I serve my dogs a special dish which is the Purina wet dog food. My dogs especially look forward to this occasion. The look in their eye is the same look I give my filet mignon. Of course, they devour it in seconds and put themselves in a food coma. The line of wet dog food is just another reason why I love the Purina dog food brand. It offers me a wide variety of choices for my dogs! I know when I pour their food into that bowl they are getting the highest quality of nutrients on the market. That makes me a very happy dog owner and loyal Purina dog food customer for life!


Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, formerly JP Morgan Partners, is an investment firm with a limited partnership that specializes on buyouts and growth capital. The firm was started in 1984 as Chemical Venture Partners and is located in New York City. It focuses on the upper middle-level companies that are in the healthcare, media, industrial, and consumer industries. The firm has investments in AMC Entertainment, Medpace( which they sold for $900 million just a year ago), Renovo, the Tennis Channel, Triad Hospitals among others. On its retail services, the firm specializes in direct marketing, service industries and special retail strategies. In industrial the firm focuses and invests in chemical, manufacturing, distribution and automotive industries. In the media industry, the firm focuses on programming and content, wireless communication and consumer trade publishing. Within the energy sector, they have invested in renewable energy solutions, exploration and power generation.

Just to mention a part of its history, Stephen Murray according to wikipedia worked as CCMP Capital had many names that depended on the company’s mergers and spin outs with other companies, though the company has turned out a great success today. Starting out as Chemical Venture Partners, they bought out Chase Manhattan Bank and changed their name to Chase Capital Partners. In 2000, they partly purchased JP Morgan &Co but changed their name again to JP Morgan Partners. Then they changed to CCMP Capital in 2006.

The firm has currently invested over $20 billion in Latin America, Europe, North America and Asian continents, and is ranked among the largest private equity fund on the globe. The firm has employed over fifty employees both directly and indirectly. It also has offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York and London.

The firm has a dedicated team of professionals who have contributed greatly to the company’s portfolio in equity funds. The company was under the authority of Mr. Stephen Murray, who was the CEO and president of the firm for eight years until his untimely death early this year aged fifty-two. He was a family man with Tami Murray as his wife. Together they had four kids. Mr. Murray was also a philanthropist.

He attended the Boston College where he majored in economics and graduated with a degree. He also got his Master’s degree from the Columbia Business School in business administration. He has worked for many companies which include MH Equity Corporation, which was later purchased by Chemical Bank. He worked for JP Morgan Partners as head of the buyout and in 2007 he was named CEO at CCMP Capital. He has served on many boards which include Legacy Hospital Partners and AMC Entertainment among many other companies. As a philanthropist, Mr. Murray supported the Make a Wish Foundation of New York and initiatives in Columbia Business School.

Nobilis Health Continues To Outsmart Competitor Healthcare Development And Management Companies

In the far southeastern state of Texas resides a prominent businessman who is a true leader in the medical industry. He embarked on his career after receiving a Bachelors degree in Accounting from the University of Oklahoma and a MBA in finance from the University of Texas. Notably, Chris Lloyd is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Nobilis Health where he has strategically expanding their superior healthcare services to Texas, Arizona, Minnesota, Oregon, New Jersey, Michigan, and Tennessee.

Lloyd’s extensive educational training at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas in conjunction with his impressive portfolio of career experiences involving strategic planning, financial analysis, chronic pain, leadership, healthcare, marketing, medical treatment, business development, mergers & acquisitions, research, due diligence, auditing, customer service, hospitals, management, and securities and exchange commission (SEC) filing, provided him with a practical understanding of the competitive corporate sector. Following his college pursuits, he accepted a position at Ernst & Young LLP in the Assurance and Advisory Business Services Department and, soon afterwards, he was hired by Panda, an international electric power development company, for a noteworthy business managerial position.

Notably, from 2002-2007, Lloyd served as an influential Director of FTI Consulting and a Chief Financial Officer of TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd. A few years later, he was employed by Athas Health as a Chief Executive Officer. This prominent company currently operates in the United States under many subsidiary brands such as North American Spine, Spine Treatment Centers of America, and Migraine Treatment Centers of America. The primary goal of Athas Health is to drive patient advocacy, education, and research in order to assist individuals with obtaining relief from their debilitating chronic pain.

In December 2014, Lloyd proudly joinedNobilis according to cantechletter.com as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Throughout this profound role, he is frequently presented with the opportunity to work alongside loyal physician partners to develop and manage multiple ambulatory surgical centers and hospitals across the country. Some of their renowned medical facilities include First Surgical Hospital, Northstar Urgent Care & Imaging Center, First Street Surgical Center, Northstar Healthcare (Scottsdale, Dallas, Houston), The Kirby Surgical Center, and Northstar Imaging Center, all of which encompass specialties in gastrointestinal scopes, pain management, spine surgery, general surgery, otolaryngology, orthopedic surgery, and podiatry. Moreover, the goal of these innovative outpatient facilities is to deliver affordable and excellent healthcare services that ultimately generate superior customer satisfaction. Remarkably, their mission is successfully accomplished through highly trained and qualified medical professionals such as certified surgical technicians, general surgeons, radiology technologists, certified nurse aides, registered nurse house supervisors, and operating room anesthesiologists. These extremely skilled employees maintain the necessary knowledge to provide first class healthcare to every patient experiencing long-term symptoms.

Alongside his admirable career at Nobilis Health, Lloyd is a distinguished member of many professional organization like the Center for Christ and Culture, University of Oklahoma Alumni Association, Young Presidents’ Organization, AICPA Board of Directors, Healthcare Executives, Healthcare Accounting, and Buckner International. He also participates in many mission trips to Guatemala.

The Giving and Recieving of Bruce Levenson

Until last year, Bruce Levenson was the controlling owner of NBA franchise, the Atlanta Hawks. He did this after voluntarily confessing to a racist email he sent in 2012 in which he decried the fact that their large poor black person fan base was scaring away the rich white people. This admission came not long after Don Sterling, owner of the Clippers, was called out for a recorded racist conversation he had with his girlfriend. In the same email he expressed concern that everything done in the arena was primarily geared to the black crowd.

Levenson’s road to financial success has been a long one. He attended Washington University in St. Louis in the early 70s. He took night classes while also writing for the Washington Star. He finally graduated with a degree in Journalism. He was so good as a journalist that sources say he could have very well remained in that position and had one of the best journalistic careers in history. However, Levenson had other plans. In 1977, he and Ed Peskowitz co-founded United Communications Group. UCG was and is a company that provided business information to multiple companies.

UCG started small. When the partners first founded it, the it printed a oil business information newsletter out of Levenson’s apartment. From there it grew profoundly and quickly, constantly adding businesses to their client list. This company is today one of the largest privately owned companies in the world, providing information over two million clients in many diverse types of businesses. Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson has made many investments, but it is primarily UCG that has made him currently worth in the neighborhood of $500 million.

Some of these investments have been enormously lucrative and well publicized. In 2004, he and Peskowitz formed the investment team, Atlanta Spirit LLC, with the goal of purchasing the Atlanta Hawks. In addition to his financial investments, Levenson has also been extremely generous with his time and money. It is not surprising that the Washington D.C. area that has played such a big role in his life should be the main focal point of his generosity. He was, after all, born, raised, educated, and began his career here. One of his favorite charities is I Have a Dream Foundations which encourages and aids low-income children in pursuing their higher educational dreams. He currently sits as its president. He also has a strong hand in Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and Hoop Dreams Foundation. Levenson’s Jewish heritage has also played a decisive role. He was a founding donor of the U.S. Holocaust Museum and Bringing the Lessons Home Program. This second teaches inner-city kids about the holocaust and lessons that can be learned from one of the greatest tragedies of human history.

For his great work in furthering holocaust awareness, Levenson has earned multiple honorary awards from Israel. But he isn’t done yet. Levenson is clear that he has no intention of ceasing his philanthropic works. He currently resides with his family in Maryland.

Colorful Expressions

As a woman who wears makeup a lot, self expression is written on my face, eyes, and lips. Choosing the right makeup for my personal self expression is sometimes difficult. Not with Lime Crime makeup. Dedicated solely to the right colors for self expression, Lime Crime has a variety of makeup that will help with expressing a more confident, beautiful face. These colors are just right for night and day They go from natural and neutral to wow and outrageously gorgeous. I tend to wear my makeup depending on my mood. The more saucy I feel the darker or more feisty my makeup gets. I know a lot of people who wear makeup go through the same thing. The entire line is great for someone like me who is allergic to aloe. I don’t have to worry about my face getting blotchy or itchy.

One of the great things about Lime Crime makeup is the cruelty free aspect. I appreciate that this makeup line is trying to make a difference just like me. The products at Lime Crime are beautifully tinted; meaning the colors are vivid and lush. The look books are creative and use brilliant colors for all types of faces. If you tend to go wild and out or if you like toned down and soft you can find everything you need to complete those looks at Lime Crime.

It’s not just about makeup for our faces. The nail looks are imaginative, as well. All of the colors in the nail palette are cruelty free and vegan so I don’t have to worry about putting things on my nails I don’t want and neither do you. There aren’t many makeup lines that can say they truly are trying to make a difference in the way makeup is made and worn. Lime Crime can. One of the great things I like about the nail line is the ingredients are listed for everyone to see.

There are plenty of colorful expressions for my hair, nails, and face at Lime Crime. The worst problem I have when it comes to Lime Crime is choosing a palette. There are so many interesting things I can do with all of the colors offered. The prices aren’t exorbitant either, so it’s easy to order my favorite color and not have to worry about my pocketbook or wallet. I don’r have to settle for just one color, I can have two or three at a time. Makeup without self expression is just boring. I’m not and have never been a boring person, so Lime Crime fits my personality and I can show it off every time I put on my make up.

Basketball is the New Socer

The NBA is a multi-billion dollar industry with players coming from all across the globe. There was a time when this sport was almost solely plaid by US residents, but those days have come to a close. Even NBA legend Kobe Bryant was raised overseas in Italy, because his father was a member of the Italian national team. Kobe is clearly regarded as one of the all-time greats, and he definitely benefitted from the time he spent in Europe.

Basketball World

No sport in the world is as popular as soccer, but professional basketball is becoming a close second. There was a time when players from Europe where novelties, but they have now earned a permanent place in the league. Some of the all-time greats were born overseas such as Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks. The former champion small forward is easily regarded as one of the greatest shooters ever, and he has popularized by the sport in his homeland of Germany. Globalization is the one area where international players have certainly helped the league. Foreigners are more likely to tune in to a game if a player from their own country is playing.

Basketball in China

China is poised to become the world’s next superpower and the sport of basketball will be a big part of the country’s future. It should come as no surprise that most people in China root for the Houston Rockets. The two best players ever born in China are Yoa Ming and Jeremy Lin, both of whom spent time playing for the Rockets. Ming has retired and Lin now plays for the Charlotte Hornets. Lin is an exciting point guard who has to hire additional security to protect him from his fans whenever he returns to his homeland.

South American Influence

The biggest surprise of the 2014-2015 NBA season was the Atlanta Hawks franchise. However, they were eliminated from the playoffs, because they lacked star power. Perhaps Hawks owner Bruce Levenson realized his error, and refused to make it again. The Hawks signed Brazilian born forward Tiago Splitter in the off season, and his international appeal should give the Hawks a boost this season. Splitter began his NBA career with the San Antonio Spurs, wining a ring in 2014. Perhaps Levenson’s experience and international appeal will be enough to propel the Hawks to the next level.

Basketball may never unseat soccer as the world’s most popular sport, because there’s no basketball event to rival The World Cup. However, The Olympic Summer Games give players from the NBA the chance to compete for their nations of origin. It won’t be long before other countries are able to form their own Dream Teams to compete for Olympic Gold.

Wikipedia Writing and How You Can Improve

If you have already written a few Wikipedia articles or at least edited a few snippets, you may feel that you don’t know everything about writing Wikipedia articles, or at least not enough to succeed as a writer. Do not be alarmed, as these are feelings that the vast majority of beginner Wikipedia contributors share to make business Wiki pages.

The first thing that anybody interested in writing Wikipedia articles should become familiar with the style of Wikipedia articles by reading many of them. If you are not aware of how a proper Wikipedia article is written, don’t even bother writing about it. First, read a few before deciding to write. If you have already written, take a break to read a few.

Keep in mind the Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a site where people go to be entertained by literature.All information on Wikipedia should be absolutely truthful. If you do not add citations to the sources of information where one finds the facts, the “fact” may be taken as false, and deleted or replaced by another piece of information.

Never write articles about things that already exist. Not only is it a waste of time, but it clutters up Wikipedia by having two articles that should provide everything about that topic, in one place. Readers should never have to bounce back and forth in between two articles to learn something, so make sure to condense anything you have to add to the article that already exists.

It is recommended to try editing a few articles before trying to tackle an entire article. Do not get overwhelmed by the task of writing a whole article, as it might encourage you to never write an article on Wikipedia again.

Get Your Wiki is a business online that offers article writing to make business Wiki pages, editing, and translating services for Wikipedia articles. They offer very reasonable rates, and provide potential clients with a quote within 24 hours. Get Your Wiki is one of the most reputable companies of its type on the internet. More information about Get Your Wiki, including contact information, can be found on their website at www.GetYourWiki.com.

Avoid writing articles about one’s self. Not only do most people not want to read articles about a person that is not popular enough to have been written about already, most people do not like reading anything from a first-person point of view. Save yourself some time and don’t write about yourself.

Top Investment Options

Anyone and everyone these days is talking about the markets, volatility, and whether or not anything will be safe for the next few years let alone decades down the line. More and more investors are questioning the markets and aren’t sure where to turn, but if you have the ability to turn to someone you can trust, you have a much better shot of protecting your investments and achieving your financial goals.

Long run retirement plans are typically the best ones for most individuals. By having a plan that is simple, but still professionally managed, you can end up having a much more significant portfolio that can stand up to the tests of the market. However, when the average investor looks past those few pieces of advice coupled with a few financial industry buzzwords, they are usually more than a bit confused on what to specifically do.

The good news is that there are financial companies and professional investment organizations that are fully devoted to helping you reach your retirement goals. The investment banking world has never been stronger, and even though the markets took a hit over the past decade, they are continuously making progress. The market has historically gone up over long periods of time, and while anyone can make money at any time, the best time to get in is always at the bottom. More than enough professionally certified experts and individual success stories alike are calling this the bottom of the market and stating that it is time to get in.

If you are thinking about where you should go with your wealth and who you an trust to not only protect it, but also make it grow, then look no further than Ken Griffin and Citadel, LLC. As one of the richest individuals in the world according to Forbes, Kevin Griffith clearly understands what it takes to create value and grow an investment portfolio. Furthermore, his ability to not only create value and wealth, but also to increase wealth at a faster rate than most all of his peers is yet another reason to trust this man and his experience with your assets and long term wealth.

Anyone can just throw money into a retirement account with the hopes that they will one day be able to retire. However, you have to rely on luck and chance for something like that to happen, and unfortunately most hard working folks don’t want to trust their entire retirement to the proverbial roll of the dice. What makes far more sense is entrusting your financial future into the hands of a financial expert who understands how to navigate the waters of the investing market.

Ken Griffin and Citadel, LLC may be somewhat new to the financial scene according to some, but the one thing that no-one is questioning is his ability to improve the financial performance of portfolios. Perhaps it’s time for you to look into Citadel, LLC today to see what it can do for you and your long term plans. Don’t wait to make your future and retirement goals a reality.

Writing Ethical Articles For Wikipedia

Writing for Wikipedia can be a fun experience. Wikipedia is a unique website because it is an informational resource that can be edited by anyone. When writing for Wikipedia, there are some rules and regulations that must be followed. It is important that anyone writing for Wikipedia take an ethical approach. Writing ethically for Wikipedia is ideal because it keeps the writer from being kicked off the website and it allows for good content. In addition to writing ethically for Wikipedia, writers also need to learn how to create and edit pages. There are a few ways to do this without messing up – guaranteeing a writer a chance to write for Wikipedia again.

How To Write For Wikipedia

Before any Wikipedia writers decides to create a new Wikipedia page, they must see if a page is already made. There are thousands, maybe even millions of Wikipedia pages on the website. Finding out if one is already made can prevent time from being wasted. Also, multiple pages are not allowed on Wikipedia and the website will delete anything that is a duplicate. If the topic the writer is interested in writing about does not have a Wikipedia page, they can start one instantly. In order to create a page, a writer must first create an account. Once an account is made, users can click on the create a page button to start writing. When writing, one must never use promotional language. Writers should use an objective tone during the writing and cite sources. It is best to gather references before starting to write the article, so it can be well-rounded, neutral and most importantly factual.

Get Your Wiki

Get Your Wiki is a website that can create Wikipedia pages for an individual. This website also can edit pages and maintain pages. There is a fee for what Get Your Wiki provides but they have a policy that they will give writers their money back if they cannot get page approval from Wikipedia. Get Your Wiki works with experienced Wikipedia editors that have written and edited hundreds of Wikipedia pages in the past. Get Your Wiki promises that once the page is live on the website, it will rank high on search engines.

Wikipedia Editing Tips for Beginners

Wikipedia has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade before finally settling in as one of the most respected sources of information on the internet. Wikipedia is a massive compendium of knowledge to make business Wiki pages that allows users to contribute in their own ways: from editing to adding entire articles. Editing on Wikipedia can be seen as a sign of prestige or as a social duty, giving back to the largest information source on the internet. For those users that DO decide to pick up the editing mantle, there are definitely a few key pieces of information to have handy. Editing on Wikipedia is not a paid venture but it is one that can be very rewarding. Let’s take a look at those tips now.

From Top to Bottom
There are very rigid standards that keep Wikipedia editors in check while allowing the website to have a congruent flow. Referencing the Wikipedia Manual of Style is the one stop shop to learning these rules and getting into a rhythm of applying them in day to day editing life. The Manual of Style, or MoS as an abbreviation, is a lengthy article that Wikipedia has compiled in order to help give direction to their users. Keeping this page open as a reference point will allow an ease of access to vital information.

Locate Valid Citations
Wikipedia only works because all of the information is thoroughly backed up with quality citations. Citations, just like in academic journals, are the lifeblood of making a convincing argument. For Wikipedia, editors need to post quality sources that are both imperative and long lasting. As Wikipedia is an online source of information, sources must have a longevity to them that is not in question. Reference .gov websites for the most stringent standards but also look into .edu websites as well. No matter what, make the citations relevant and imperative.

Personal Wikipedia Pages
Being an editor carries prestige but being IN the Wikipedia library is even more sought after. However, editors must not fall to the temptation of trying to create their own personal page. Not only does creating a personal Wikipedia page violate policy, but it is also biased. Many people refer to companies like Get Your Wiki to make business Wiki pages for them.