Alexei Beltyukov And His Business Strategies

Have you ever struggled to open a business in Russia? Did you lose the opportunity to expand your business that you desperately needed? Are you confused about how to fund a new office? If so, with Alexei Beltyukov, you are in good company. Russians today have made a lot more financial decisions and kept their businesses running through the company A-Ventures Management which Alexei Beltyukov founded in 2007. Instead of one particular sector, this company has funded more than a dozen sectors. At the same time, the rewards for making this choice seems to be escalating every day for entrepreneurs. It’s not just the interest and other fees that they can void. There are bigger benefits. Choose the right package and they could become one of the top companies in Russia. Mess up with other funding sources and they could be working well past the age when their peer entrepreneurs are on vacations.

Alexei Beltyukov provides funds to entrepreneurs through his A-Ventures Management company. Alexei also manages New Gas Technlogies and Mechanicus. His A-Ventures has over $400 million in assets. For those who do not have time to research and understand all of the options that managing assets comes with, for those who probably feel like they don’t have the resources to properly manage every aspect of their business, Alexei’s company is a great substitute. Other services offered by this company include but not limited to strategy design, launch of new venture, asset acquisition, asset disposals, business remodeling and restructuring, consolidation of equity stakes, establish governance systems and re-branding. Companies that are under direct supervision of Alexei Beltyukov include commercial banks, meat plants, retail networks, real estate developers, turbine plant and metal processing plant according to

There is a problem with managing assets the old-fashioned way. In today’s world, with the given amount of competition in Russia, things just don’t work that way. By the time a business is established, there may have been many debts. By the time the profit statement is received, there may have been instances where business account has wreaked havoc. The analysis might tell how the business is doing, but how does the account tie in with business plans, strategies and development for the future? And then there are interests and fees to pay. One slip can cost the business plenty. This is where Alexei Beltyukov’s A-Ventures can help. Alexei’s company also provides business and strategy development service like the one provided for Brunswick Capital where he is the Vice President.

Alexei Beltyukov graduated from INSEAD in 1997. He launched rail car leasing business with a fleet of over 10,000 rail cars. He also served as an associate and engagement manager for McKinsey & Co. Since 2008, he has been a member of the advisory council for Ministry of Economy in Special Economic Zones department. He is also an entrepreneur in Residence, INSEAD.

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